Wednesday, December 26, 2012

on christmas

Happy Day After Christmas! 

   I came to this space to share how unbelievably appreciative I am of the thought that was put into the gifts I was given this year. I know Christmas isn't about the gifts. But it's so easy to get wrapped up in that aspect of it. I love giving people gifts and I think I'm quite good at knowing what someone will enjoy, so I can't begin to explain the joy I feel when I know someone didn't get me a gift that they'd want, they really took a moment to think about what would make me happy.

   I think while becoming more in-tune with myself, more aware of my surroundings, more aware of the tiniest happenings, I realize and appreciate so much how personal the gifts I was given were. These people really considered the person I am and what I'd enjoy when choosing these gifts, and I couldn't be more thankful of that. For example, my younger brother who at times makes fun of my food choices, got me a gluten-free, almond-flour cookbook. He knows virtually nothing about the world of vegetarianism or veganism, (which I am passionate about) and although I am not gluten-free and am not very familiar with the lifestyle, it means so much to me that while at the book store, he saw this book that he truly thought I might like, and he bought it for me.

   It might seem small and silly, "of course people are going to buy you gifts that they think you'll like!" but I have become very aware of these things and it means more to me than it ever has. My co-worker bought me a big mug for work because she knew mine wasn't fitting in the Keurig. It wasn't expensive, but so full of love that I couldn't have been happier. My other brother got me huge hippie pants "that I could do yoga in" and a big Salvation Army sweatshirt. He knows my love for yoga and over-the-top clothes at times. My sister drew me a picture with a quote by 'Where The Wild Things Are' because she knows it is one of my absolute favorites. My mom got me a BPA-free hot/cold beverage container, because she knows what a freak I am about BPA's and not drinking from plastic water bottles. 

   Another co-worker got me a beautiful, simple bracelet and a sunglasses/glasses holder, because we had just been talking about glasses a few days prior. She is so sweet and thoughtful every day of the year.

   My Pollyanna was my cousin Bobby, and he got me a frame with three nice photos of us in it. He could have easily gotten me a gift card to somewhere he knows I'd like, and I would have been perfectly happy with that, but the fact that he took the time to personalize this gift and print these pictures means so much to me and I was thrilled to receive it. 

   My aunt got me a yoga book she knows I've been eyeing, and took the time to make a DIY sage burning kit. It looked so amazing and time consuming. Apparently you are supposed to burn sage whenever you move somewhere new to get rid of bad energy, and she said I should burn it in my new workspace; amazing and very thoughtful idea. A great friend made me an unbelievable coffee body scrub because she knows how much I love homemade bath and beauty products.

   My Nana got me two ornaments, one said something about me being the best granddaughter (obviously) but another was personalized. It was two tiny snowmen smiling and hugging each other with snow hats on, and one hat said my name, and the other said my boyfriend's name. It was so sweet and thought out I could have cried. 

   My best friend got me a double frame with two pictures of 'The Tree', (what we call our group of three best friends we've had since 3rd/4th grade.) It was so sweet that she took the time to do that. She picked out the most amazing and considerate card, and wrote me a beautiful letter. It was so simple but so amazing to feel like you are worth someone taking the time to personalize a gift for you.

   These people, in the past, I know have always thought about a gift that I would like, not something they would like. I know that it has never been different, but this year I am acutely aware of it. It has to do with getting in touch with my Higher Self and being attuned to the smaller things around me. I am so grateful for this awareness. 

   I am so unbelievably lucky to have these people in my life. Most of them have been in my life for years but the awareness I have now allows me to appreciate them more than I ever have. 

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