Wednesday, August 1, 2012


i strongly believe there is an appropriate time for everything, in this life. i don't mean horrendous accidents or things such as that, because no one has an explanation for those nightmares. at least i don't. i mean, i think most break-ups happen when they should, although at the time this rarely seems the case. you happen upon certain books for certain reasons, the same with movies, people, music. i even have a tattoo about my strong belief of that. that everything happens for a reason.

for example, i used to love The Beatles. i know every word to their greatest hits album. i listened to it for months on end, with my best friend at the time, who is still a best friend. we listened to that album ad nauseum. so for years, i sort of strayed from all things Beatles. never would i say i stopped loving them, but it was the kind of thing that you got so sick of hearing and the words just stopped having the meaning they once did. although at 12, i wasn't very insightful to the lyrics or message of the songs, i just loved singing along.

recently i bought my dad a record player for his birthday, although i've used it more than he has since it came into our home. my brother took me to a record store even more recently, and i got the basics. Springsteen, two Beatles records, the best of Van. listening to music on vinyl, for me, is the most beautiful experience. it far surpasses listening to anything on a computer, iphone, ipod, car speakers, etc. i love the crackling sound, i love lining up the needle just right, i love flipping the record when all the songs have ended. here comes the sun is playing as i type this. mostly, i bought those Beatles records because, of course you need them on vinyl if you have a record player, of course.

like i said, a time for everything. now their music sends such an unbelievably strong message to me. something that my twelve year old mind NEVER would have understood. even a few months ago, this music wouldn't have spoken to me as it is now. i can't explain it, i just know this is the right time for me to start appreciating some of the greatest music on this planet once again. i think you can see, hear, smell, taste, something over and over and over and it might be great at first, then you kind of become numb to it. then, later on, it's like one day you are experiencing it for the very first time, that's what this music feels like. you know?


  1. chelsea, i'm so glad we found each other's blogs! i strongly believe in every word you've written. let's please, please, please get together soon.

    1. as am i! you're so sweet, i would love that more than anything--seriously, i think about it often!! my class is done august 16th and life is crazy until then, but then i am free indefinitely :)